Paris Pratt

I have lived in Albuquerque my whole adult life. I am married to a wonderful husband who has supported my love of creating. I am fortunate to have family and friends who stand by my endeavors and give me feedback and validation to keep learning and trying to become a better artist.
I am mainly a self taught artist. I have been fortunate to take classes from very talented artists who were happy to share their knowledge and love of art.
I was lucky enough to be contacted by a prison psychiatrist from Canada a few years ago, who wanted to know if it was ok for some of the prisoners to copy my artwork on their dull grey walls. They saw some of my work on a website. I was so honored that they chose me out of thousands of artists. Needless to say, I said, yes! This was at a time when I wasn't doing a  lot of art. I received a beautiful letter and a picture of the wall they painted. They copied a sunburst that I painted. I never felt so proud to add a little sunshine in someone's life. It motivated me to get back into my creative gear and never give up.
Art inspires me, it helps me get through life's little bumps in the road and gives me peace of mind.

I find beauty and inspiration in nature. It's a kaleidoscope  of color that draws me in and challenges me to capture it. I feel my artwork is always evolving and changing as I learn more about art and how it emotionally affects me.

Alcohol & Ink Paintings (Translucent, like stained glass) - all paintings matted & framed in white.

We are located in Old Town, Albuquerque, New Mexico showcasing a variety of traditional and contemporary artists in paintings, sculpture, pottery, mixed media and jewelry. We feature primarily local New Mexico artists and a few National guest artists.

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2019 Art and Jewelry Classes offerred, Alcohol & Inks class,  wire wrapping techniques,and more! More classes to come!

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