Michael Boerding - Painting sale 20% off

There is much beauty around us, color, shapes and reflections are what catches my eyes. I paint realistic, but look for the abstract in the realism."

I painted a lot in High School, but I am mostly self taught. In the 80's and 90's I turned away from art to pursue other interests. I moved to Los Lunas, NM from St. Louis, MO. back in 2007.

I started painting again, five years ago... with the help and encouragement of my wife. She always had confidence in me and my talent.

"Inspired Motion" 17" x 17" Oil on canvas

Vibrant colors on a black background, with focus on movement and details.

Paintings in Oil on Canvas

We are located in Old Town, Albuquerque, New Mexico showcasing a variety of traditional and contemporary artists in paintings, sculpture, pottery, mixed media and jewelry. We feature primarily local New Mexico artists and a few National guest artists.


2019 Art and Jewelry Classes offerred, Alcohol & Inks class,  wire wrapping techniques,and more! More classes to come!

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