Katherine Irish 

Katherine Irish finds inspiration in New Mexico skies. Skyscapes, shaped by wind and water, offer endless sources for abstractions as well as beautiful layers of color.  Her focus, in her paintings, is to pair complex hues and shapes to create an experience of beauty and energy. Through her efforts she hopes to ground her viewer in a sense of peace and wonder for our world.

Skywatcher. A respected friend referred to Katherine as a fellow Skywatcher. This word fell into place as self-defining. I am a Skywatcher. I have been one as long as I can remember. Big skies over the desert, approaching weather, defined by the size and shapes of clouds. My father used to talk about the meaning of clouds. Clouds have threatened, whirled with power, beautifully choreographed by the growing pressure between hot and cold air. Sunsets have signaled that it was time to bicycle home – my nose and skin full of the scent of rich earth, corn and the warmth of the sun. Skies touch the edges of water, trees, desert, mountains, and islands. They hold all colors at one time or another. I dream about vast spaces, one home dwarfed, the land made rough by air, fire, and water and the pressures and rotation of the earth.

Membership...Signature Member of the Pastel Society of America - Signature Member of the New Mexico Pastel Society. Plein Air Painters of New Mexico - Southeastern Pastel Society - Pastel Socety of the Southwest - Pastel Society of Colorado - Austin Pastel Society - Pastel Society of the West Coast - Arizona Pastel Artists Association

Awards(selected)… Arizona Pastel Artists Association, Fall 2016 Pastel Exhition. Second Place - Pastel Society of the Southwest, 35th National Art Show, Award of Merit - Pastels USA 2016, Pastel Society of the West Coast (The Canson Excellence in Art Award.)

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