Charles A. Platte

Born and raised in here in Albuquerque, I am a local artists and practicing potter of porcelain ceramics. As a graduate student of the University of New Mexico, I am very fortunate to be taught by UNM professor and porcelain artist, Kathryn Cyman, who has more than 30 years of experience and mentored me for the past four years. Much of my knowledge of ceramics derives from traditional methods from Arita, Japan. These methods are important, intangible, cultural properties of Japan that were passed from National Living Treasure of Japan, Sensei Manji Inoue, to Kathryn Cyman as a result of a 36-year relationship with Arita and the University of New Mexico.

My work itself is a reflection of the Arita process and my own expression; I don’t aim to mimic Japanese ceramics, only the effective use of their process to create my own interpretation of porcelain ceramics. Much of my aesthetic tends to embody aspects symmetry and elegance to formulate a work that is beautiful, of high quality and functional.

Photo gallery: Arita, Japanese Style Pottery

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