Lloyd Brown

Lloyd studied Fine Arts painting at The University of Texas with full study courses in painting, drawing, composition, design and art history.  He also studied abstract - non objective painting with mentor and friend Frank Hursh, previously of Black Mountain College.  He then studied Interior Design at The University of Texas.  Brown was awarded 2 scholarships for his competitive design portfolios.


He is currently developing a practical workshop on embracing the mystery of creativity and he is offering both private lessons and group workshops for those interested in Expressive Abstract Painting and Drawing.


"As I work, my intention is to open a bridge that allows perception to flow backward into it's still un-imagined source. In deliberately not representing images of objects, I want to provoke a kind of bate visual awareness."


Lloyd Brown's present studio/workshop is in the village of Corrales, NM. In recent years he has shown his work in several area galleries and he has collectors in major art centers in the US, Europe, Japan, China.

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