Jessica Penrod

I am drawn to creating functional ceramics because although the process can be labor-intensive, with several included processes, the final result is warm and tangible. Things that are made by hand are a reflection of us, as they are created out of personal expression. Creating pottery through time and practice brings it to life and gives it a human quality that allows for creativity, practicality, freedom and adaptability.


After learning the process of wheel throwing , I then drew my focus towards Ceramics. I began my practice throwing Western style pottery in which wheel spins counter-clockwise and the form is shaped by hand inside and out. At the University of New Mexico, I learned the process of creating Arita porcelain vessels through a 400 year old tradition from Japan. This technique requires the wheel to spin in the opposite direction, and the process is quite different and much more difficult to master. The knowledge I have gained from both techniques contributes to the overall form and quality of the pieces I make.


Soda Firing is a labor-intensive firing process in which a mixture of soda ash and water are introduced and vaporized into the kilns atmosphere as it reaches its maturing temperature.

Photo gallery: Soda Fired, Arita Japanese Style Pottery

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