Dianna Shomaker

Dianna and her young family were lucky enough to live abroad in the early 1970s, enabling her to study abstract painting with Dr. Sachweh in Zweibrucken, Germany. Upon her return to the United States she became a nursing professor at the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque, which allowed her to take multiple art workshops at UNM with wonderful teachers like Virginia Cobb, Ted Hogsett, Charles Dunbar, Katherine Chang Liu, and Ellen Koment. She also pursued other academic interests, earning an MA and PhD in Cultural Anthropology from UNM in the early 1980s.

From there Dianna became a dean in UNM’s School of Nursing and continued to pursue her art career on a part-time basis. Upon retirement from higher education in 2000, she was finally able to devote herself to a full-time art career. Most recently she’s been able to study encaustic art here and abroad with Ellen Koment, Belen Millan and Francisco Benitez.


Encaustic painting, also known as hot wax painting, involves using heated beeswax to which colored pigments are added. The liquid or paste is then applied to a surface—usually prepared wood, though canvas and other materials are often used. The simplest encaustic mixture can be made from adding pigments to beeswax, but there are several other recipes that can be used—some containing other types of waxes, damar resin, linseed oil, or other ingredients. Pure, powdered pigments can be used, though some mixtures use oil paints or other forms of pigment.

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