Brenda Hill (Tuscarora/Choctaw) - Pottery

Brenda Hill, Tuscarora and Choctaw, is an award winning, contemporary Native American potter practicing traditional techniques in order to create clay forms influenced by the past and present. Her current work incorporates aspects from historic Haudenosaunee wampum belts, beadwork, and pottery. While utilizing more contemporary shapes and forms evolved from Brenda's own creative style. She uses wampum in her clay work as a way to pay homage to this centuries old form of communication for the Haudenosaunee. It reflects the understanding of our relationship with the natural world, there was no waste when harvesting from the earth & waters, the food of the clam was eaten, the shells used as tools or temper for pottery. She has been recognized as a successful potter and teacher by receiving several rewards, grants, and fellowships from her peers in Native Arts on a local & national level.


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